There can be a great shock in losing a loved one; you are probably reading this page with many emotions, and we are here to walk with you as gently and kindly as we can.

Our faith promises us “death is life changed, not ended,” and even in deep sadness, we journey forward in hope.

We are able to conduct a funeral service for anyone who was a baptised Catholic, or part of a Catholic family where a funeral service led by a priest will help in consoling you and other family members. Usually we would conduct funeral services for those who have lived in the parish, or have family or other connections here; if you live in a different parish it is best to contact your local Catholic church.

It may be that you, as a family member or friend, are yourself a Catholic, or you may be of another faith, or no faith. Even if you are Catholic, it may be the first time you have had to arrange a funeral. So we will do everything we can to support you with things that may be very unfamiliar, to help you in honouring the life of the person who has died, commending them to our loving God in the hope of the Resurrection.

The person who has died may have left very clear wishes for their funeral, or may have left nothing at all, especially if their death has been sudden. Very soon after you contact us Fr Dominic will meet with you; if there are no clear wishes from the person who has died, he will talk with you about the type of service that you would like, and whether there is to be a burial or cremation. Music, and readings from the Bible, can be chosen together – reflecting the life of the person, and hope in eternal life, with an infinitely loving God.

We will work with the Funeral Director you choose – or who was named by the person who has died. If you are not sure where to begin, we are pleased to commend James Hawes & Son, who are located near to the church. Their number is 01708740050. They will arrange a date that is possible for you, for the crematorium or cemetery, and for the church, and will not confirm anything until each part is in place. If you have a different Funeral Director please make sure they do not confirm a date until they have spoken with us; we do not want to add any complication or stress to what is already a difficult time.

Hopefully these few lines have helped you. St Paul promises us that “love never comes to an end” and we trust in that. It may also be that the life of the person who has died was rather complicated, adding to the troubles you feel; if that is the case, we will walk with you in whatever way is best, and we will welcome you with compassion and hope. Please call or email, and we will be there for you.